Experience daily concerts at Singapore's largest live show venue – with electrifying performances, mind-blowing acts, and infectious beats.

What Do we Offer?

group of people singing karaoke at HaveFun Karaoke in Singapore


Sing your favourite songs loudly with your besties, and HAVE FUN! We are the first in Singapore to offer thematic designs and a nightclub-inspired karaoke room.


Take your gastronomical experience to the next level. Offering Asian and Western fusion cuisine curated by Chef Kelvin Yam, creating a gourmet experience that is engaging and enticing.

Live Music

Is there anything better than singing along out loud to your favourite Jay Chou or JJ Lin's song in a crowd with other strangers? Nope, there's not!

Core Features

Thematic Room & State-Of-The-Art Displays

Looking for an Instagram-worthy karaoke experience in Singapore? Our themed rooms feature visually stunning elements that are sure to impress. With each room having a unique theme, you’ll have the perfect backdrop for your night of singing and fun. Come and see for yourself!

Professional Lighting & Sound

Feel like a rockstar with our immersive singing experience in a mimicked concert-stage environment

Cloud Database

Our Modal Dataset training service helps you jumpstart creativity, boost precision, and accelerate algorithm performance. Get a training data advantage for yourself.


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